The UC Irvine online hazardous chemicals, biological and radioactive materials tracking system.
CiBR-Trac is a repository of information relating to hazardous chemicals, biological and radioactive materials at UC Irvine locations (e.g., campus and affiliated research centers). This online system supports UC Irvine's efforts to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for reporting. CiBR-Trac allows authorized users to view, track and update their chemical, biological, or radiological inventories.
   Material Inventory Management:
   View/update hazardous materials inventories:
  • Chemical Agents
  • Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Equipment
  • Biological Agents (view only)
   Chemical Hazard Identification and Documentation:   
  • Automated Assignment of Chemical Agents to UCI Hazard Control Bands
  • Standard Operating Procedure Template Repository
  • Digital Standard Operating Procedure Management System
  • Laboratory Specific-Use Procedure Builder *Coming Soon*
   Radiation Use Authorizations (RUA):   
  • RUA Application, Submission and Documentation
    Laboratory Administration:
  • Laboratory Contact Information
  • Laboratory Location Information - Door Placards for Hazard Identification, Room Inventory Summaries
Obtaining Access
To obtain access to CibrTrac, complete an access request form
Chemical SafetyMegan Dumas,  Chemical Hygiene Officer
Biological Safety Anju Subba,  Biosafety Officer
Radiation SafetyGary Bosgraaf,   Radiation Safety Officer
Chemical Safety
According to federal, State and local law, UC Irvine must maintain an inventory of existing hazardous materials at campus locations (labs, maintenance facilities, research stations, etc.). The Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Chemical Hygiene Officer coordinates the campus chemical inventory program. Persons in charge of labs and chemical storage locations must annually assess and affirm the accuracy of their chemical inventories. In addition, inventories must be updated if there is a significant change such as a relocation of material to a new room or a significant change in inventory (e.g., acquisition of new hazardous chemicals or a greater than 10% change in your original inventory amounts).
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be developed for work involving the use of hazardous chemicals. Through CiBR-Trac, EH&S provides a system for managing SOPs through hazard control banding and provides SOP templates for each of the hazard control bands as well as a large number of specific chemicals to help develop SOPs that meet regulatory requirements. Completed SOPs may be electronically uploaded to CiBR-Trac to facilitate sharing among laboratory members and submission to EH&S for review. 

Biological Safety
An approved Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) study application is required if your research involves any potentially hazardous biological agents including but not limited to infectious agents, human and non human primate materials (including established cell lines), CDC select agents, recombinant DNA, transgenic plants or animals and studies involving human gene transfer. 

Radiation Safety
According to Federal and State regulations, UC Irvine must maintain an inventory of radioactive materials. The Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Radiation Safety Officer coordinates the radioisotope inventory program. Principal Investigators with an active RUA must maintain an inventory of their radioactive materials. Inventories must be updated at least every six months. 

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